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What Are You Watching? Our Kind Staff Recommends… (Vol. 2)

Guess who’s back back back back again? *insert tongue pop ????* We are! Our team is still serving you some of our favorite shows to watch and this time, we’ve included some shows from our good friends at Hulu, as well.

While Ms. Rona has us in the house practicing physical distancing, our Kind crew will continue bringing you some of our favorite shows to watch, music to dance to, and podcasts that we can’t stop listening to. 



Marcus, Director of Marketing and Communications (Austin)


Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu) (Genre: Drama) 

“On Hulu, I am loving Little Fires Everywhere rn. If you ever needed an example of micro/macro aggressions the show is full of them. Kerry Washington’s character is intense, flawless, and necessary. Reese Witherspoon has perfected the role of every “Karen” in every show.

Ozark (Netflix) (Genre: Drama) 

“This week is Ozark for me. The third season just hit Netflix but if you haven’t seen the previous 2 seasons it’s totally worth spending your weekend learning how to launder money for the Mexican cartel. The writing is smart and Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are pure perfection in these roles.

Bob’s Burgers (Hulu) (Genre: Comedy) 

“Always Bob’s Burgers.”


Bart, Care Navigation Programs Manager (Austin)


The Originals (Netflix) (Genre: Horror)

“You gotta love a good vampire saga with a complicated story. If you have an affinity for a complicated protagonist who you love to hate, this show has it and is for you!”


Shawn, Financial Analyst (Austin)

Atypical (Netflix) (Genre: Teen Dramedy)

“By far, one of my favorite shows! It gives the perspective of a teenager on the autism spectrum, which isn’t shown on tv often; plus, it’s funny AF while also tackling serious topics.”


Collin, Director of Development (Austin)


Adventure Time (Hulu) (Genre: Romance)

“Funny, touching, and gorgeous.”


The Magicians (Netflix) (Genre: Fantasy)

“It’s the final season right now ???? It’s bonkers and wonderful.”