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Be kind pharmacy program

Let's be Kind Together

Protecting yourself protects your community

If you have insurance you can give back to the community.  Every time you fill your Kind Clinic prescription at one of our pharmacy partners, Kind Clinic receives funding.  This support helps us to stretch limited resources and provide sexual health services to more people in priority populations and grow our support for the entire community.  

What Do you mean BY pharmacy partner?

Kind Clinic has a number of pharmacy partners, sometimes called contract pharmacies.  The pharmacies may include one you already use, like Walgreens or CVS.  Ask your advocate for more information on the most convenient partner pharmacy for you.  You can also use the map to search for partner pharmacies near you.  


Do I need special insurance to participate?

No, you don’t need special insurance but you do need insurance to participate.  If you are currently uninsured, there are free or low cost insurance options that might work for you.  If you become insured at any time you can easily participate.  

Will kind clinic still serve the unisured?

Yes, definitely!  Kind Clinic is here for everyone, insured and uninsured.  Your care will not change if you are uninsured.  In fact, Kind Clinic is promoting this program specifically so we can continue to provide sexual health services to our uninsured patients.

Here’s how the Be Kind Pharmacy Program works:

How it works - step 1

Meet Drew.
They visit Kind Clinic and get a prescription.

How it works - step 2

They use the map on Kind Clinic’s website to find a nearby 340B pharmacy partner.

How it works - step 3

Using their health insurance, Drew fills their prescription at the pharmacy partner.

How it works - step 4

Happily, Drew leaves with their medication and the knowledge that they’ve done something very Kind for their community.

Kind Clinic

Thanks to Drew and other patients like them, we receive funding that allows us to provide care for patients without insurance.

HOW TO USE THE Partner pharmacies MAP

  1. Click on the map and magnify or scroll in until you see your preferred location
  2. Once you see your preferred location, look for blue marks, these indicate our partner pharmacies
  3. Clicking any of the blue marks will show the contact details for the selected pharmacy


Your advocate can review your records and find out if your current pharmacy is a Kind Clinic partner.  If not, it is easy to switch to one of our partners.  We partner with organizations like Walgrees, CVS and Avita.  We also have partnerships with many smaller pharmacies too.  Whichever you prefer, making the switch is simple and your advocate can always help.

No, in order for Kind Clinic to receive the funding, you need to receive your prescription at a Kind Clinic and refill it at one of our partner pharmacies.

There is a government program that created this program, called 340B.  It was established nearly 30 years ago to help hospitals and clinics, like Kind Clinic, care for vulnerable or uninsured patients.  

No, while we love your enthusiasm, only prescriptions from Kind Clinic and refilled at a partner pharmacy are eligible.

Absolutely not!  Kind Clinic has always and will continue to offer no-cost sexual health services regardless of your ability to pay or your insurance status.  The goal of this program is specifically to generate the funds to care for the uninsured and expand our services for the community.

You Kind Clinic Advocate can help you locate the partner pharmacy most convenient for you. 

We offer no-cost sexual health services to all members of the community regardless of race, creed, gender identity and expression, immigration status, sexual orientation, insurance status or ability to pay. 

We also have patient advocates with expertise serving the LGBTQIA+ community, who are with you every step of the way to make sure you receive all medications at little-to-no cost even without insurance.