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HIV Testing
& Care



We offer the most recent HIV testing technology and medication to our PrEP / PEP patients during initial and follow up appointments at no cost.

If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV, Kind Clinic can help. We want to walk with you through this journey, doing all that we can to make sure you are supported in your healthcare, while providing a completely confidential, judgment-free, safe environment. We work hard to eliminate the stigma behind a positive HIV diagnosis, so if you are living with HIV and need to make an appointment, please call today.


HIV is entirely treatable, but adherence to your prescribed treatment is key. There is not yet a cure for HIV, but with the right treatment, you can achieve a healthy immune system and an undetectable viral load.



Kind Clinic will perform any preliminary testing before starting your care. If you receive an HIV diagnosis, we can discuss treatment options, answer any questions you have and schedule your next appointment. Once you meet with your Kind Clinic provider, they will prescribe a comprehensive treatment plan for you and address any other health needs you may have. If you are living with HIV and looking for a new provider, give us a call.


Thanks to advancements in medicine, we see great results in early treatment and adherence to medication. In some cases, the virus never touches the immune system. Thankfully, treatments available today have less side effects and are more effective at fighting HIV than ever before. The medication prescribed by your Kind Clinic provider can keep you healthy and greatly reduce your chances of transmitting HIV to future partners. Once this treatment has begun, you will routinely visit our providers for check-ups so they can monitor your progress.


Kind Clinic offers free sexual health services in a safe and supportive environment regardless of race, creed, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, or ability to pay. Founded in 2015 by community activists and volunteers, Kind Clinic is a national leader in innovative sexual health care that offers patients access to HIV prevention medication known as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), HIV testing and care, STI testing & treatment, and gender-affirming care in Austin and San Antonio. Kind Clinic is a program of Texas Health Action, a 501(c)(3) community informed non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to culturally affirming, quality health services in a safe and supportive environment with an expertise in serving LGBTQIA+ people and people impacted by HIV. For more information about Kind Clinic, please call 1-833-WE-R-KIND (1-833-937-5463) or visit

Yes. There are great one-pill daily regimens and research on some longer acting treatments such as injections or implants that may be available in a few years. If a person stops taking their HIV medication, the viral levels can rise again and this causes the person’s immune system to have to work and can cause some chronic inflammation.

HIV medication should be covered by insurance, oftentimes the pharmaceutical company will assist with copay costs.

Treatment as prevention is having an undetectable viral load. This means that the person cannot transmit the HIV virus to other people.

If you miss a dose of your HIV medication, just take it the next day. As long as doses are not being regularly missed, it should not be a problem.

The CDC says “undetectable equals untransmittable” (or U=U) occurs after 6-12 months of being undetectable, though some experts say U=U may be true after about 4-6 months of being undetectable. This can only be determined by lab tests at this time.