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gender affirming care

Gender affirming medical appointments are offered to our transgender and gender nonconforming patients at no cost. Financial assistance for hormone re-placement therapy (HRT) medication is not currently supported by Kind Clinic, however referrals to access medication at low cost can be made.


Gender Affirming Care at Kind Clinic is designed to provide our patients with culturally aware care in a safe and affirming space. Kind Clinic is a judgment-free zone, and we will keep information about your visit and health private and confidential. Everyone should have access to high-quality gender care and sexual health services, regardless of insurance, immigration status, or identity. We believe in kindness for all. Once receiving your gender care with us, you can talk to our staff about if any of our other sexual wellness services are right for you, including PrEP and PEP Access, HIV Testing, STI Testing and Treatment, TeleKind, and HIV Positive Care.



We use an informed consent model. We give you the most current information we have about hormone replacement therapy, so you can make an informed choice about what to do with your own body. After prescribing hormones we will assist with access if needed, as well as referrals for other services or qualified physicians. Through our partnership with Out Youth we are happy to offer Transgender Wellness as an optional mental health service. Through our partnership with Austin Medical-Legal Partnership we can also assist you with legal matters or requests like name and gender marker change.

Through our partnership with Out Youth we are happy to offer Transgender Wellness as an optional mental health service.


Whether you're looking to start hormone therapy (HRT) or you're seeking a new medical provider for hormone therapy, you are welcome to receive services through Kind Clinic's Gender Care at no cost for labs or medical visits. There may be costs associated with hormones, but if you are experiencing financial barriers to access your HRT, you may qualify for our Kind Medical Assistance Program.