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Please Yourself, Please

by Joe Anderson Jr.


In an era of social distancing, people are asking,” How can we have sex when we’re supposed to be six feet away from each other?!”. How can we “quarantine and chill” safely!?

According to the NYC Health Department’s guidelines for safer sex during COVID-19, the safest partner (aside from any already living with you) that you can have during this time is YOURSELF! Masturbating doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous! Here are a few tips to add a little spice to your personal sexy time. So, here’s your guide on self-pleasure while you’re self-isolating.

Here’s a short list to hit your sweet spot.

Play With Yourself!

We mean it. Play with yourself! Of course, partnered sex is fun, but so is playing by yourself. Make it exciting! Come up with creative ways to bring yourself pleasure. Don’t let “Miss Corona” keep you from releasing some stress and tension. Set the mood. Listen to some music. Take your time. Explore your erogenous zones like your nipples, ears, or inner thigh. Get to know yourself, intimately. And remember, there is more than just porn. Read your favorite erotica or go a step further and try an audiobook. The key is to explore and try things that may stimulate you in different ways.

Get a Sex Toy!

Is there a special toy you’ve been eyeing for a while that you’ve been dying to try? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to indulge. Buy it online and have it delivered to your door. If you’re not sure which sex toy to buy, Stephanie Boggs from Q Toys in Austin suggests thinking about what gives you pleasure (with or without a partner) first. Then, reach out by phone or email to a store that makes you feel comfortable. If you’re in Austin, Q Toys is an inclusive, sex-positive shop that will be happy to assist. Not in Austin? Not a problem. Find a queer-positive sex shop in your area and reach out. If there isn’t one, Stephanie will be happy to assist you! Find her on Twitter at

(Another added bonus: Q Toys will ship toys to you AND is currently offering a 19% discount. Tell your friends!)

Have Sex Virtually!

Whether it’s on the phone, FaceTime, or through an app, there are plenty of ways you can have sex with a partner. There are also some cool apps that let you connect your favorite sex toys via Bluetooth for partners. We-Vibe is a super cool brand that offers Bluetooth connectivity with many of their toys. One partner can be using the toy while another uses their phone as a remote – all while video chatting. They have a variety of app-enabled toys for anal, vaginal, or penis play. Into BDSM? Take or give those commands over the phone or computer. Are you an exhibitionist? Cam it up and record your own video and upload it to an online community. You can still practice social distancing and have some amazing sex even without a partner in the room. Don’t let “Miss Corona” stop you from reaching ecstasy.

Share your tips!

What are your tips for making self-play more fun? Share on twitter using the hashtag #SelfKind and mention @KindClinic!

Featured original art by Marcus Sanchez