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What Are You Watching? Our Kind Staff Recommends…

Need a distraction from all the COVID-19 news coverage? Seeking comfort after watching the celebrity singalong to “Imagine?” ????(cringe!) Rest assured! Our Kind crew is coming to your rescue. Each week, we’re bringing you our staff picks of TV shows, movies, and podcasts you can tune into to take your mind off everything.

Don’t have a Netflix account? Just call up your best Judy and have a Netflix Party using their account. The Netflix Chrome extension takes “Netflix & Chill” to the next level. Stay home. Stay connected with your family and friends. Tune in to our staff picks and make the most of self isolating!



Evan, Patient Advocate (Austin)


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Netflix) (Genre: Rom-Com)

“While the title makes it sound like an eyeroll-worthy misogynistic sitcom, it’s actually a musical (!) comedy (!!) about mental illness (!!!) and learning to love yourself (!!!!). [Insert Mic Drop]”

Tuca & Bertie (Netflix) (Genre: Adult Cartoon)

“Tragically cancelled after only one season.”

The Witcher (Netflix) (Genre: Fantasy)

“I wouldn’t say it’s “good” per se. But it’s very… watchable. Or rather, Henry Cavill wearing leather pants is very watchable. VERY WATCHABLE.”



Joe, Marketing and Special Events Manager (Austin)


All- American (Netflix) (Genre: Drama) 

Whew! Where do I start? The drama. The issues that are brought up. The eye candy (We see you Taye Diggs). And that’s only the first episode. Plus, we stan the LGBT representation! 





Ryan, Human Resources Specialist (Austin)


Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) (Genres: Sitcom, Comedy)

“Created by Canadian father-son team Eugene and Dan Levy (also playing father and son on the show), their once hyper-wealthy family loses all of their money and are forced to live in a middle-of-nowhere. I recommend watching a random episode or three and going back and watching from the beginning.  NOTE: There is a flourishing gay relationship in the show, y’all! “



Megan, Chief Operating Officer (Austin)


Black Mirror (Netflix) (Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller)

“I get really excited for the new seasons of Black Mirror, because it’s creative and creepy and makes me think, but this Black Mirror episode we’re currently living in makes me feel more like watching The Good Place, which might be a better alternative right now for some folks. ????”




Stay tuned for next week’s Kind staff picks!

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