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Intersex Care

Intersex wellness appointments are offered to our adult (18+) patients with variations in sex development at no cost.

Kind Clinic’s intersex care is available only to patients with a confirmed Intersex diagnosis by another provider. Kind Clinic does not have the ability to make an Intersex diagnosis.

Call to request an Intersex Care appointment


Intersex Care at Kind Clinic is designed to provide our adult (18+) patients with culturally aware care in a safe and affirming space. Kind Clinic is a judgment-free zone, and we will keep information about your visit and health private and confidential. Everyone should have access to high-quality care, regardless of insurance, immigration status, or identity. We believe in kindness for all. Once receiving Intersex care with us, you can talk to our staff about if any of our other sexual wellness services are right for you, including PrEP and PEP Access, HIV Testing, STI Testing & Treatment, Gender-Affirming Care, and HIV Positive Care.


I think I might be intersex

To access Intersex care at Kind Clinic, you must first receive an Intersex diagnosis by another provider. 

People with Intersex conditions generally don’t have to search for evidence that they are intersex; the evidence is in their own bodies.* 

Has a medical provider ever identified a physical difference in your sex characteristics? Most often, a doctor has identified in an Intersex person anatomy that someone decided is not standard male or female via karyotype testing, blood work and/or other examinations.

This is different from, for example, from having a feeling that your identity is different from most people of another gender. (Please see our Gender Affirming Care page if that might be you!)

To begin, please review the resources below:

  • InterACT (Advocates for Intersex) has advocates for the Intersex rights and offers detailed FAQs about Intersex topics on their website
  • hi, hello, hans has a personal YouTube Video and channel with lots of great information

If you still think you might be Intersex, and would like information on resources to determine if you are Intersex.  please contact InterConnect for additional information and support:

  • InterConnect is an Intersex community that offers information, resources and direct assistance via their Contact Form

*For instance, women who do not have ovaries, men who don’t have testes, women who have no clitoris or inner labia, people who remember multiple genital surgeries during childhood and scars in their genital area and abdomen, people who have genitalia that appears different than what doctors expect to see, etc.

I know I'm intersex

If you have received an Intersex diagnosis, you can access Intersex care through Kind Clinic. 

Kind Clinic uses an informed consent model. We give you the most current information we have about hormone replacement therapy, DEXA / bone scans, supplements and more so you can make an informed choice about what to do with your own body.

If prescribing hormones, we will assist with access if needed, as well as referrals for other services or qualified physicians in endocrinology, urology or gynecology, pelvic floor therapy, etc.

Waterloo Counseling, another program of Texas Health Action, is also available as a counseling resource.


Whether you’re looking to start or change your hormone therapy (HRT), to gain support in advocating for your needs with other doctors, or to ask questions about how to best keep your body healthy based on its unique characteristics, you are welcome to receive intersex care services through Kind Clinic at no cost for labs or medical visits. There may be costs associated with hormones, but if you are experiencing financial barriers to access your HRT, you may qualify for our Kind Patient Assistance Program.


The I in LGBTQIA+ stands for “Intersex.”

Intersex is an umbrella term for differences in sex traits or reproductive anatomy. Intersex people are born with these differences or develop them in childhood. There are many possible differences in genitalia, hormones, internal anatomy, or chromosomes, compared to the usual two ways that human bodies develop.

Some Intersex traits are noticed at birth. Others don’t show up until puberty or later in life. Intersex people often face shame—or are forced or coerced into changing their bodies, usually at a very young age. Most surgeries to change Intersex traits happen in infancy.

(“Disorder” or “difference of sex development” (DSD) is still a common medical term for Intersex traits. Many Intersex people reject the term “DSD” because it supports the idea that their bodies are wrong, or up to doctors to “fix.” Advocates in the United States often bring up the fact that until 1973, being gay was considered a mental disorder. Many natural human differences have been framed as medical problems, until communities fought for acceptance.)

All adult (18+) Intersex patients are welcome at Kind Clinic, including but not limited to those with:

  • 5-alpha reductase deficiency
  • Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS)
  • Aphallia
  • Clitoromegaly (large clitoris)
  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
  • Gonadal dysgenesis
  • Hypospadias
  • Klinefelter Syndrome
  • Mosaicism 
  • MRKH (Mullerian agenesis; vaginal agenesis; congenital absence of vagina)
  • Ovo-testes 
  • Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (PAIS)
  • Progestin Induced Virilization
  • Swyer Syndrome
  • Turner Syndrome

If our providers are not able to meet your unique needs, we utilize a vetted referral network to help you find medical practitioners who can serve you better than we can.

You should be prepared to discuss your medical history, to the extent you are comfortable, so that we can work together on the best plan to meet your care needs. You will then see a clinician and complete required lab work before leaving the clinic. STI testing is also available at your New Intersex Care appointment

Intersex medical care is provided to our patients at no cost.

Kind Clinic provides assistance to help cover HRT medication costs. With this assistance, HRT is offered at little or no cost to you.

We offer no-cost sexual health services to all members of the community regardless of race, creed, gender identity and expression, immigration status, sexual orientation, insurance status or ability to pay. We also have patient advocates with expertise serving the LGBTQIA+ community, who are with you every step of the way to make sure you receive all medications at little-to-no cost even without insurance.