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Coronavirus Update

  Patients with COVID-19 symptoms will not be seen at Kind Clinic locations. Our clinics will remain open until further notice; however, we have transitioned the majority of our appointments to TeleKind, our virtual telemedicine service. We cannot treat or test for COVID-19. Only patients are allowed in the clinic. No additional visitors are allowed […]

Kind Talk

Kind Talk – The Reset

We’re one month into 2021 and we’ve brought together some experts to chat more with you about how to keep yourself on track this year! In this Kind Talk, you’ll learn more about how to set and evaluate your plans, and how to ultimately give yourself some grace when trying to accomplish your goals and […]

Influential Black Voices

Influential Black Voices in Health and Wellness

Despite contributing to extraordinary breakthroughs and advancements in the medical field, influential black voices in health and wellness are often not regarded as highly as their white counterparts. It’s no secret many of us didn’t get the most inclusive education in history class (I mean, McGraw-Hill wasn’t exactly progressive). So, it’s our individual responsibility to […]

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Gay Men & Radical Self-Love

By Armando Sanchez of “Gay Men and Blog”  Everybody say radical self-love! You may be wondering, What is radical self-love? Why does it matter? And, How am I supposed to do it?  I’ll start with the why. Why does it matter that we, as gay men, radically love ourselves? I, for one, can think of […]

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Feeling Empowered in Your Healthcare in 2021

It’s time for our new year glow up! Let’s take a page out of Princess Di’s book and treat 2020 like a bad breakup by flaunting the ultimate revenge…empowerment! While many of us took time to look inwards last year, seeking spiritual enlightenment, setting up personal boundaries for growth, and learning to make homemade sourdough […]

Be Kind for the Holidays

This holiday season, we invite you to spread some holiday cheer to our friends at our partner organizations! If you’re able to this year, please consider giving your time, talent, and/or financial support to these incredible organizations that provide essential services to our communities. Any contribution, big or small, will help bring a little more […]


An LGBTQIA+ Guide to Surviving the Holidays

The vaccine’s rolling out as we (hopefully) round the COVID corner! We see the light! But first, we have to get through something that’s just as anxiety-inducing as a global pandemic to some…the holidays. We’re talking uncomfortable family gatherings, potential shaming, deadnaming, and your bitter uncle crying out “voter fraud” every chance he gets. Those […]