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A Kinder and Faster Approach to HIV Prevention

Today, on World AIDS Day, we recognize the strides HIV prevention advocates have made to end the isolation and stigma HIV positive individuals face, and more importantly the fight to end HIV. However, the fight is still far from over. According to amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, about 4,932 people will become infected with HIV each day worldwide—about 205 people every hour. The LGBTQ+ communities have a greater susceptibility to HIV transmission, as these individuals are less likely to receive HIV prevention medication for fear of facing stigma from their medical provider. Earlier this month Kind Clinic announced a kinder approach to HIV prevention, in Austin, with the opening of our new clinic paying special attention to those most susceptible to HIV.

A kinder approach to HIV prevention is not only the culturally aware medical care everyone receives at our clinic but faster PrEP access to reduce each patients’ chances of HIV transmission. With expanded hours we are able to see even more patients at a quicker rate, and now with same-day PrEP technology, they can walk out of their first appointment with a prescription for HIV preventative medication. The Kind Clinic is the first in Central Texas, and one of a few organizations in the nation, to offer same-day access to PrEP at little-to-no cost.

Before patients begin taking PrEP, they’re required to have a test to determine healthy liver function. Previously patients would have to wait 3-5 days for results, leaving them without a prescription and vulnerable to HIV infection. With recent technology, and essential equipment, our staff is able to run instant HIV tests and the necessary metabolic panel within minutes to ensure each patient has what they need to take control of their own sexual health. These patients can now receive same-day test results at the clinic and leave with a prescription in hand for their HIV prevention medication. Another first for Austin, Kind Clinic is closing the gap on HIV transmission and empowering our community to have healthy sex and live the life they want to live.