Fetish & Kink 101: Destigmatizing the Taboo

The diverse and ever-growing world of fetish and kink, once considered taboo, is becoming more accepted as a normal part of many people’s sex lives. Far from scary, fetishes and kinks are meant to be fun and arousing. In our role as a sexual health and wellness resource we are here to celebrate all kinds […]


Celebrating Latinx Pride at Kind Clinic

It’s Latinx Heritage Month, also known as Hispanic Heritage Month.  According to, this observance, “traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries.” For over 50 years, the country has honored the collective ancestry of millions of Americans from the diverse […]


How I Learned to Tend to Myself By Tending to Plants

By Ena Ganguly, Freelance Writer Growing up, I remember the lush gardens my mother’s mother tended to, full of ripe fruits, fragrant flowers and all types of beautiful colorful plants. My mother seemed to inherit this ability, using her talents to raise up entire beds of aloe vera plants, elephant ears and peace lilies. It […]

Profile, medium shot, young Hispanic woman in polling station, v

Combating Voter Suppression Against POC

By Briona Jenkins, Briona Jenkins Consulting   Last week, I watched every night of the Democratic National Convention and on Wednesday evening, Vice Presidential Candidate, Senator Kamala Harris said, “The litmus test for America is how it treats Black women.” That quote has been weighing heavy on my mind as we gear up for this […]


Our Plan to Meet the Need for More Integrated Care

Waterloo Counseling Center to become a program of Texas Health Action in 2021 About five years ago, a small team of volunteers combined forces to open Austin’s first clinic focused on PrEP. It would later become Kind Clinic, the first program of Texas Health Action. Since then, we have expanded our sexual health services to include HIV-related […]


Pets for Pride Competition 2020

Updated on August, 17, 2020 Put your paws together for our Pets for Pride 2020 winner, Oakley, and their human bff, Lizzy! You’re the lucky winners of the $50 Visa gift card grand prize! You werked it in that hat and matching rainbow collar – huge round of app-paws goes out to you! Thank you […]