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Highlighting Women-Led Orgs in Central TX

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting women-focused and women-led community organizations and the incredible work they’re doing in Central Texas.

We’re proud to support Frida Friday ATX, Black Trans Leadership Austin, Community Advocacy and Healing Project, Boss Babes ATX, Impact San Antonio, and the San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Join us in support of the great work they’re doing by clicking the links to learn more about each organization.





Frida Friday ATX

“Frida Friday ATX is Austin’s premier Women of Color (WoC) centered monthly marketplace and cultural event. We are an intentionally intersectional grassroots movement that supports and amplifies Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), WoC and community creatives. Our monthly markets create opportunities for economically marginalized communities to share their projects, connect and celebrate our diverse cultures. More than a market though, Frida Friday ATX is a movement for gender and economic justice.” (




Black Trans Leadership Austin

“Black Trans Leadership of Austin was formed by local queer black activists who identified issues directly affecting us that other LGBTQIA2+ organizations had yet to address. From our lived experience and direct connection to black trans people, we have intimate knowledge of the problems our community faces and powerful insights into the solutions. We have experienced and lived through the effects of the intersectional issues of racism, state violence, transphobia, misogyny, and homophobia. We seek to de-commodify human needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare services as well as provide a bridge to the finer things in life in for a community that is often forced live on the margins of society and miss out on living our fullest lives. Black Trans Leadership of Austin lives by the principle that we uplift our community through a grassroots approach to building solidarity and power. BTLA exists to help our community to thrive, not just survive.” (





Community Advocacy and Healing Project

“We are 501 c(3) rooted in human centered, culturally appropriate, and trauma informed advocacy and healing experiences. We are rooted in mindfulness. Mindful of the needs communities systemically ostracized and oppressed. Mindful of systemic caused traumas, and the role healing from those traumas can cultivate community.” (





Boss Babes ATX 

“Boss Babes ATX is a low-pressure learning community, celebrating women and nonbinary creative leaders in Texas. They put on conferences, festivals and workshops to share resources and create spaces of personal and professional support across creative industries, entrepreneurship, tech, community leadership and the arts.” (









Impact San Antonio 

“Impact San Antonio encourages and empowers women to join together to achieve meaningful change in the Greater San Antonio area through substantial grants to local nonprofits that serve our communities. Our goal is to be San Antonio’s preferred women’s philanthropic organization with 500+ diverse and engaged members that return year after year to provide significant support for the important work of nonprofit organizations in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.” (



San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce

“The San Antonio LGBT Chamber exists to foster and promote a positive image of LGBT persons as well as the economic development and vitality of LGBT businesses and the businesses and professional organizations that support them, and, to facilitate the personal, professional and social growth of its Members via the exchange of ideas, resources, information and networking opportunities throughout the greater San Antonio metropolitan area!” (