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First Central Texas clinic with transgender specialized care opens in Austin

AUSTIN (KKXAN) — After the State Committee passed what critics call the “Bathroom Bill,” a local clinic wants Austinites to know they are offering the first specialized care for the transgender community in Central Texas.

The Kind Clinic, located near 30th Street and Interstate 35, aims at helping transgender and non-binary individuals. The clinic says they will not provide gender re-assignment surgery, but will offer high-quality full-service care at little to no cost when possible.

Opening on Thursday, the clinic is unveiling their wellness clinic to prevent and treat sexually transmitted infection, including HIV prevention drugs. According to the clinic, services are available for anyone regardless of race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

“While you might be experiencing some difficulty, we have this service for you. Please come, let us stand with you. We don’t want to speak for the community, we want to provide a platform for the community to speak,” said Joe McAdams, Executive Director of the Texas Health Action’s Kind Clinic.

Texas Health Action will operate the clinic on grants and donations.

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