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Celebrating Pride in 2020

It’s June. Usually during this time, organizations around the country are in full on Pride mode. It’s the season of parades, drag queens doing death drops and dips, and the onslaught of brands unveiling their rainbow packaging to show their celebratory spirit of the LGBTQIA+ community.

But this year, things are a bit different. On one handwe’re in the midst of COVID-19, which has moved many Pride celebrations online or cancelled altogether. And on the otherwe’re in the midst of a social movement that has our country grappling with its history of racism, white supremacy, and police brutality.  




Pride is not just a rainbow, but a revolution.

Like many have noted, the birth of the LGBTQIA+ movement started at Stonewall on the backs of black and brown trans women. At the heart of Pride is protest, a disruption of the status quo, and a call to action. Pride is not just a rainbow, but a revolution. In 2020, 51 years after the first brick and punch were thrown, we go back to our roots of Pride. We continue our fight for justice and aim to end police brutality and systemic inequities.  

So, what can you do now to show your pride and support the movement? Here’s how you can celebrate Pride 2020even during a pandemic.  


1. Learn The History!  

Learn the history of the Stonewall Riots, as well as the history of racism and white supremacy in America. Now is the time to read books that break down white privilege, TV shows that describe our nation’s prison industrial complex, or articles that address systemic and structural racism.  



2. Donate Locally!  

Many organizations have been impacted financially due to COVID-19 and will rely on all of our support to keep their doors open for the community. Additionally, local organizations dedicated to police reform also need your support in order to continue the fight to end police brutality.  


3. Tune In!  

Local organizations are featuring black queer artists performing virtually as a way to show their pride and it’s important to tune in and tip if you can! Support our local black creatives by watching a show on Instagram, catching a queen perform on YouTube or a DJ mix on Facebook Live. With major events canceled until further notice, we can still support our black queer creatives by donating to them via Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal! 

To close out Pride month, join us on Tuesday, June 30th for our virtual event, “Say It Loud!” Broadcast live from Cheer Up Charlies, four performers share the stage to bring their awe-inspiring and exhilarating work to your home for free. Mark your calendars and RSVP today.



4. Be Loud!  

Participate in the community to make your voice heard. Find a local march or rally to attend. Reach out to your local, state, and national elected officials to address your concerns. Register to vote to ensure your voice is HEARD! 



5. Be Kind!  

Know someone that’s been impacted by COVID-19? Consider helping them directly. A random act of kindness can go a long way. Giving someone who’s out of work an HEB gift card, running an errand for someone in quarantine, passing out water and snacks during a protest, or donating to local bail funds are all ways to show kindness


While Pride Month 2020 may look a little different without the large festivals and parades, that doesn’t mean we still can’t show up and show out. Pride lives within us. We can still find small but impactful ways to be kind, be loud, and be proud 


Happy Pride, Ya’ll!