be loud kind

You may know our motto is BE KIND. We stand by that simple statement as a guiding principle, but kindness isn’t enough. There is sadness, fear, anger, and pain because of the long and traumatic history of violence and systemic racism against Black people in America. There has also been complicit silence.

So, today and every day, we are committed to being vocally anti-racist and stand with our Black patients, partners, neighbors, and staff. We will continue to BE KIND, but we will also BE LOUD when we say BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Our mission to provide sexual healthcare for all would not be possible without the trailblazing Black trans women who stood up to police brutality and sparked a movement. So, we will also BE LOUD when we say BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER.

We are committed to providing sexual healthcare in an inclusive environment, free of discrimination of any kind. We will continue to BE KIND, and we will also BE LOUD.




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