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Transgender Wellness & Our Partnership with Out Youth

What is Transgender Wellness?

Transgender Wellness is a program of Out Youth that operates through Kind Clinic to provide a full range of clinical and social support services to trans and non-binary adults. These services include: individual counseling, support groups, assistance with legal name and gender marker changes, peer mentorship, voice training, and a frequently updated guide to trans-friendly resources in Central Texas.

This program removes cost barriers associated with medical and social support services essential to expanding access to care within the trans community. We understand that paying for expensive health care or social support services is not an option for many people in the trans and nonbinary community. Due to discrimination, trans people are more likely than the general population to live in poverty, experience unemployment or underemployment, and be uninsured or underinsured.

All Transgender Wellness services, office visits, and lab work at Kind Clinic are free. Patient Advocates work with patients to find the lowest cost option for hormone prescriptions and other care. Access to low or no-cost care is even more important now, as trans people have been disproportionately impacted by the effects of COVID-19. Beyond financial barriers, it can be difficult to find medical or mental health providers who are competent and affirming. We’re proud to offer explicitly trans-affirming health care and social support services through our clinic services and the Transgender Wellness program, regardless of income or insurance status.


How was the Transgender Wellness program started?

Kind Clinic partnered with Out Youth to form Transgender Wellness in the Spring of 2017 in response to what was unfolding at the state Capitol. The Texas Legislature was focused on trying to pass “bathroom bills” that were designed to attack the legitimacy and dignity of trans people, and prevent trans people from participating in public life.

This drew increased amounts of attention to the many medical, financial, and social barriers to health and wellness that trans people face in Texas. Hence, we expanded beyond our initial pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) services and began offering hormone therapy services to the trans and nonbinary community in March 2017. 



Transgender Wellness Resources 


Transgender Support Groups and Socials

Out Youth offers several weekly support groups and social events. These are free and open to adult members of the trans and non-binary community. This is a closed space for trans, non-binary and gender-questioning people only.

Out Youth’s Transgender Wellness Support Groups have gone virtual via Zoom. The groups take place from 5:30 – 6:30pm and 7:00 – 8:00pm every Tuesday. For an up-to-date schedule of support groups and social events, click here.



Free Short-Term Counseling

Kind Clinic patients, and those on the waitlist for gender-affirming care services, have access to free short-term counseling. This counseling can be to specifically address gender transition or other issues in a person’s life.

To get started, Kind Clinic patients can request a phone screening. Alternatively, patients can complete a request for a counseling screening at their first gender-affirming care appointment at Kind.




Austin and Central Texas Trans Resource Guide

From looking for competent therapists and doctors to affirming places for clothes and fitness, finding resources as a trans or non-binary person can be difficult. The Austin and Central Texas Trans Resource Guide draws together resources that trans people have used in Austin and Central Texas. Topics include therapists, support groups, psychiatrists, HRT, dentists, OB/GYNs, surgeons, hair removal, fertility services, housing, transportation, food, employment, education, clothing and binders, legal support, and much more! This is a living document created based on the recommendations of those within the trans community.



Queer and Trans Community Closet

Given the economic inequality faced by the LGBTQIA+ community complicated further by COVID-19, Out Youth and the Transgender Wellness Program has started offering the Queer and Trans Community Closet. You can receive needed items including a grocery gift card, Cap Metro bus pass, groceries, hygiene items, art and activity kits, select gender-affirming items, and face coverings.



The Transgender Wellness program continues to build on its success, with the goal of expanding services to more people who need them so that all trans people have the support they need to thrive.




If you have any questions regarding the Transgender Wellness program, please contact Wes at Out Youth at

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  1. My daughter Katelyn (Dan) is 14 and she thinks she wants to change gender (sorry if I’m phrasing it wrong but l do respect it) she is into self harming, she has a ton of diagnoses from her Pychiastrist and they want her to see a therapist about her body issues. So I’m trying to get her help because she is harming herself. I just took her to pediatrician because she tried to cut off her book! I need help or guidance on where to go!

    1. Hello! Please give us a call at 1-833-937-5463 and our patient support center staff can provide you with resources to help, such as connecting you to one of our partner organizations, Out Youth. Thank you for reaching out to us!