Phone: 1-833-WE-R-KIND (1-833-937-5463)

Glenda Banks

The Kind Clinic would like to announce the addition of our Full-Time staff member Glenda Banks! Glenda will be the friendly voice you hear when calling into schedule your appointment and will handle all our patient intake needs! Below is a little info on Ms. Glenda!

Hello, my name is Glenda Banks, I am originally from Dallas, TX. My husband, my son, and I moved to Austin in December of 2014. We have no family here, so it is just us tackling everything. I am the youngest of 5 and strive to make myself and my family proud of all I do. I knew as a little girl I wanted to help people but the only option I knew of was Nursing. I was blessed with the opportunity to work as an office receptionist at an MRI clinic, and from there on everything has been nothing but open doors for me. After working there, I went to school to become a Medical Assistant and receive my Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. I was never able to find a job as a MA, so I stuck to what I knew and that was reception and office jobs. I then received a job from Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and that was a big deal for me, because I always wanted to work there. I loved working there during my time of being employed. Even during the Ebola crises, I still loved my job and my duties. 6 month after working there my husband received a call from a job in Austin, and so he accepted and we moved. My first job here was not the best, but the second job was at Austin Regional Clinic. I liked working there but I did not like what I was doing. My only job was to answer phones and schedule patients, I knew I had more in me and I desired to do more. After a year, I left and joined Seton Dell Children’s Hospital. I loved working with the children, it was such a joy loving on the babies and playing with the little ones. But again, I desired something more. There was something that left me feeling unhappy with where I was, I enjoyed what I was doing but not happy with it. Now I have joyfully joined the Kind Clinic and this is the job I have truly been waiting for. One of the main things I love about this job is the personal connection with each patient that comes in. I love checking in patients and I know their names and they know mine. I am loving what I do here and I love that my day is filled with joy . I am now complete.

As far as spare time, I don’t have much of that because any free time I have I try to spend it with my son, but I do enjoy movies and going out (anywhere) when the option is available.